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5 Guaranteed Ways To Stand Out In Any Industry

5 Ways To Break Into Any NicheWant to know how I went from unknown to Amazon bestseller in 70 days? Well, I’m going to give you some tools that you can use right now to stand out in your niche. But, its up to you to take action.

One of the biggest barriers to making money online is being completely unknown when you first start out. People don’t trust you because they don’t know you. Because they don’t trust you, they don’t take the time to get to know you. It’s a catch 22.

To fix that, I’m going to show you how to go from being an unknown to a recognized expert in any niche on the planet. These are the same strategies that I use whenever I launch a new website, or move into a new niche, and they’ll work for you too.

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1. Give The Experts What They Want – If you can help people get what they want, you’ll get what you want by default. One way to do this is to start your own podcast and invite the leaders in your niche to be guests. They want a audience and your podcast can give them that.

Once you get the first expert on your show, use their name to convince other experts in your niche to come on your show as well. As your name becomes associated with more and more experts, it’s easier to get more of them on your show. It’s a snowball effect.

2. Borrow Credibility – When a niche celebrity appears on your podcast or writes a guest post for your site, some of their credibility rubs off on you. There is a reason that authors talk about being a New York Times Bestseller. The NY Times is an established and credible company, so by default, people associate some of their credibility with authors on the bestsellers list.

The more credible people that you associate with, the more credible you become. Look at Howard Stern for example. He didn’t start off as a radio mogul. He started off as a nobody that slowly built credibility over time. Now he’s a brand all his own.

3. Be More Interesting Than The Other Guy – In every niche, there are people that are entertaining, interesting, and very informative. These are the people that usually rise to the top. If you can make your content more interesting than most of your competition, people will flock to you.

Keep in mind that people can tell when something is genuine and when something is fake. Be yourself and be real. If you don’t, trying to be interesting can back fire.

4. Be Everywhere At Once – After you create your content, that is just the beginning of the process. What will separate you from your competition is having your content in front of more people.

That’s usually easier said than done, but it’s really not that hard. You can use Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Forums, and various other places around the web to promote your content.

Make a list of where the people in your niche hang out and focus your marketing efforts there. Over time, people will become more familiar with your work, will hopefully become fans as well.

5. Build Your Goodwill – Doing things for people for free will help you build your goodwill. The key is to provide valuable information that they are looking for. The goal is to get them to think of you first as a great source of information in their niche.

The idea here, is that once you build your goodwill with your audience, they are more likely to reciprocate through purchasing your products or by spreading the content that you provide. Ultimately, both actions will help you reach your goals.

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